Funeral Plans

What are Funeral plans and what’s involved?

It’s never easy bringing up the subject of funeral planning but, just like the making of a will, pre-arranging your funeral is a practical thing to do. It’s a way to give yourself welcome peace of mind about the future. A Funeral Plan is a sensible and helpful way of planning for the future to help your family at a difficult time.

The money you pay into a plan is held in a secure Trust, which makes sure the funds are there to pay the funeral director when the time comes. There are a range of individual funeral plans. Each plan is designed to meet different needs but they contain all the arrangements you would expect in a normal funeral. The plan can also be personalized to include special requests, such as a favorite hymn, piece of music or reading and even perhaps additional limousines.

The Funeral Plan also guarantees to cover the costs, so you can be certain that the funeral specified in the plan will be paid for in full, no matter how much prices might rise in the meantime. And once it’s paid for, it’s paid for. So, by taking out a Funeral Plan now, you are freezing funeral costs at today’s prices.

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