Will Storage

Why should I consider will storage?

As a legal document it is important that your will is safe and accessible. It is not advisable to keep your will in a safety deposit box because after your death your executors will not be able to open the box without obtaining a court order.

In addition to our Will Writing Service, Where There’s A Will also offers a Will Storage facility, providing a safe and secure fire proof storage service for your completed document. For a small annual charge your Will can be protected from theft, accident or loss, giving you complete peace of mind. You may also wish to store other valuable documents with it for no extra charge such as Property Deeds etc.

If this service is selected you would be provided with a copy of the origional, clearly indicated as a copy and that the original was in will storage and the location.

If required we can register your will and provide you with a Will Storage Certificate and two plastic credit size cards which you place in your wallet. The certificate and the plastic cards confirm the fact that the original will is stored and so can be easily traced by a solicitor or executor.

To find out more, please do give us a call Corrine on:

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