Video Wills

You may have seen publicity about the concept of Video Wills in the press or TV and thought it a good idea

A video will alone is not legally binding and therefore should not be considered as a substitute or sole means of expressing your wishes but it is however a very useful way of supporting the written wishes within your will.

Where There’s A Will are able to provide a service for you to make a video record of you reading out your will, or to simply explain in your own words what you want and why you have made your decisions in your will. Beneficiaries can then see the reasoning behind your wishes and it can provide a personal touch for your loved ones at a time of great distress.

The production of the recording can be an emotional experience but please be assured it will be managed with complete respect for your wishes and in total confidence. On completion the recording will be held with your will and provided to the beneficiaries at the appropriate time. This is an additional service to supplement a written will for those who feel it is appropriate.

For more details please contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the process:

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