When a person dies somebody has to deal with their estate (the money, property & possessions) by collecting in all the money, paying any debts and finally distributing any remainder of the estate to those people entitled to it.

The term probate often means the issuing of a legal document called Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration which confers the legal authority to deal with the deceased’s affairs – banks will often request to see the probate documents before releasing funds from accounts or property sales.

As a qualified Solicitor, Corrine Sankey of Where There’s A Will, has the experience necessary to guide you through any estate administration, probate, contentious probate or similar issues that may arise.

The last thing you want to be faced with at such difficult times are problems with the estate & probate but it’s not uncommon that there may be disputes within the family, accusations that the deceased lacked testamentary capacity, missing or bankrupt beneficiaries or arguaments between executors.

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