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What do you want to happen when you’ve passed away?

Remember, if you die without a will in place (Intestate) then your assets will be distributed according to the law, rather than your wishes.

It may be that your life partner receives less than you hoped (if anything) and that money or items of sentimental value end up going to those that you really didn’t want to benefit from a legacy.

Here at Where There’s A Will, we work with you to ensure that your assets are protected and your wishes are respected.

We’re based in Southport, Merseyside but cover near & far. Crucially, we’re led by a qualified Solicitor, Corrine Sankey, who has decades of experience with wills, trusts & probate.

it’s not just Basic Wills, setting out who does what, who gets what and who does not get but we also offer advice on Probate matters and Property issues such as Protective Property Trusts to help protect against future care home fees or Inheritance Tax.

Do you have children? If you don’t have a will setting out your Guardianship wishes then the Courts will decide who will bring up your children. Is that what you really want? We’ll ensure your wishes are contained in your will.

Our Property based services may also be of interest if you want to give someone the right to live in your property after your death, protecting an elderly relative for example.

Naturally, we offer Will Storage to keep these crucial documents┬ásafe for as long as necessary and if you’re converned about Advance Directives to guide medical professionals in the future then we can help with those too.

Please call Corrine on:

07824 631077

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